To help you understand your candidates’ and employees’ state of mind, experiences with your business, and expectations, ActionLogics uses the ActionLogics SONAR™ (SOcial Needs And Rapport) behavioral model. A brain-based model, SONAR consists of 10 "domains" that influence an individual’s behavior in social and work situations.

These domains include

Cravety’s proprietary SONAR behavior model utilizes a mobile-based survey focusing on each of the 10 domains. Responses are based on a 10-scale Net Promoter Score and a three-point Likert Scale.

  • Status

    Our relative importance to others

  • Certainty

    Our Ability to Predict the Future

  • Autonomy

    Our sense of control over events

  • Relatedness

    How connected we feel with others

  • Fairness

    How fair we perceive the exchanges between people to be

  • Learning

    Our ability to expand our knowledge and experience

  • Support

    How we are trained and guided

  • Information

    How informed we are about matters

  • Pace

    Our ability to keep up with others

  • Positive Affect

    Affect degree of positivity we feel

Empowering Your Workplace

Unleash SONAR & ActionLogics
for Superior Employee Lifetime Value (ELTV)

Personalized Pathways in the Workplace

As it relates to the workplace, not all domains are equally important to individuals. For example, some workers may crave autonomy while others prize support. This individualized approach accelerates the power of ActionLogics’ personalized pathways, which ultimately engages employees, elevates employee experience, and maximizes an organization’s ELTV.

SONAR's Role in Key Stages

SONAR deploys at crucial stages, such as: the hiring process, onboarding, and actual employment. There is benefit in asking SONAR questions during the hiring process as it provides insights into the expectations of candidates. This valuable information about an individual can potentially help guide the decision to move a given candidate forward in the hiring process.

Bridging Expectations and Reality

By comparing follow-up responses to prior expectations, we discern gaps in a worker's anticipated vs. actual experience. The data, once collected and aggregated, translates into actionable recommendations. These insights aim to enhance both the employee experience and the organization's ELTV.

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