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The Modern Talent Experience Platform for All ™

With ActionLogics, your talent brand experience will be strong from the start. You’ll have a secure way to keep candidates automatically informed on their job application, interview schedule, background checks, and prepare for onboarding. Prior to their first day on the job, new hires can even order uniforms or key equipment - saving your hiring managers valuable time and creating an even better experience for talent.

As new employees, they’ll continue using ActionLogics to stay up-to-speed on job roles, healthcare plans, key company initiatives, and more. Through your HR admin console, you can also integrate learning and skills development right into your frontline’s everyday routines. Based on our proprietary SONAR survey tool coupled with actual user behavior in the app, you’ll have a new way to identify turnover intent, too.

ActionLogics enables HR to directly shape candidate and employee experiences on mobile devices (both personal and company-issued) to achieve the following:
Convert a higher percentage of completed job applications
Assist your recruiters by improving new hires’ state of readiness
Boost your “day one” show rate at orientation
Help overworked hiring managers efficiently onboard new employees
Modernize training for your frontline workers
Identify and intercept high-value employees with high-turnover intent
Identify and invest in high-value employees with low-turnover intent

what you already have.

We easily integrate with your existing HRIS, ATS, LMS, ServiceNow and more, so you can maximize your current investments.

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Intelligent Talent Engagement & Data-Driven Insights for Brands

ActionLogics is your brand's smart overlay, seamlessly connecting with talent and delivering personalized messages to their devices. Our unique mix of behavioral science and tech provides insights to boost retention, engagement, and overall performance.

Connecting With Your Frontline is Mission Critical

Our solution is tailored with diversity in mind, in terms of industry, use case, job type and employee needs. It is also designed to:

Create Belonging
Personalize Talent Journeys
Deliver Communication That Matters
Improve Equity & Inclusion
Reduce Voluntary Turnover

Benefits from Creating Exceptional Employee Experiences

Depending on the industry, deskless frontline workers have to average annual turnover rates from 50% to more than 100%. However, creating exceptional experiences *results in:

less turnover
higher customer ratings
higher productivity
*Gallup's perspective on building on high-development culture through your employee engagement strategy
How Does It Work?

Solving for The New Reality

In today’s ever-changing world, ActionLogics is designed to enable and empower organizations to address modern demands and challenges in the flow of work and life.

For HR

Engage candidates and employees in the flow of work & life

Decrease Ghosting
Improve Morale
Increase Retention
Improve Engagement
For IT

Modernize tech and reduce friction in the flow of work & life

Improve Security
Capture Real-time
Insights Leverage
Pre-built Connections
Utilize Responsive AI
For Communications

A new way to feel connected in the flow of work & life

Personalized Messages
Mobile & Desktop
Automated Journeys
Prompts & Nudges

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