What happens when you blend behavioral science and modern tech?

With ActionLogics, it empowers employers to reach talent on their personal devices … and deliver a consumer-grade experiences at their fingertips

With the perfect mix of behavioral science and AI, candidates and employees keep connected during all the moments that matter. ActionLogics is a mobile solution that digitally enhances how candidates get hired, and how employees are onboarded, learn, engage, and elect to stay on the job.

Using a proprietary blend of behavioral science and modern technology, ActionLogics enables HR to directly manage the mobile experience candidates and employees have … to offer a customer-like experience, one that feels personalized and is capable of learning from actual user behavior in the app.

The Perfect Blend

Behavioral Science & Modern Technology

With ActionLogics, it empowers employers to reach talent on their personal devices … and deliver a consumer-grade experiences at their fingertips

Behavioral Science

Actionable insights for critical business measures:

SONAR - Powered surveys (pulse and exit)
Choice Architecture creates personalized experiences
Nudge theory drives journey design and activation

Modern Technology

Engage your frontline workforce by individual role:

Tailored messages and communications by role or behavior
Reach people in familiar ways (Mobile/BYOD, desktop etc.)
Near real-time active listening and feedback loops

The ActionLogics talent relationship platform gives companies the strategic advantage to “journey map” in near real time as if they were an actual candidate or employee … and get feedback directly from their talent. This behavioral data is aggregated and analyzed and can confirm certain suspicions, uncover new blind spots and reveal profound insights - that are authentic and non-biased - regarding their talent’s experience.

In addition, ActionLogics can create and deploy personalized pathways for each employee, doing so with a proprietary blend of AI and “next best action” choice architecture combined with the employee’s actual user behavior in the app. Based upon an employee’s specific interests, they are served content that is most useful and beneficial to them, and underscores how their employer can support them in their pursuit of personal and professional goals. Use cases can be built directly from frontline feedback and can include: learning and development, diversity and inclusion, well-being and care, employee benefits, and more.


Actionable Talent Metrics

Imagine being able to identify gaps in your talent's expectations vs their actual on-the-job experiences ... and even better, take meaningful action before it’s too late.

ActionLogics' proprietary SONAR™ (SOcial Needs And Rapport) behavioral model is a brain-based one that explores 10 "domains" that influence an individual’s behavior in work situations. Customized SONAR pulse surveys can be deployed at pivotal journey milestones, such as the first day, week, month(s), etc. Critical insights related to expectations vs. experience give companies actionable insights to positively impact talent experience and identify - and reverse - early turnover intent.


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